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Fnaf by TheMarquisOfDorks Fnaf by TheMarquisOfDorks
FNAF is a fun word to say. Go on, try it!

I've been feeling down and crappy but I finally got the motivation to draw. These guys started as some sketchy warm-ups but then suddenly turned into a thing. Whoops I guess.

Five Nights At Freddy's is such a great game.

4th most popular deviation under the tag "fnaf". Thanks everybody!

FNAF 2Here
FNAF 3Here

I could use some cash right now, so if you'd be interested in a drawing of a character (including FNAF ones!) feel free to check out my commission info.

:new: 'Kay, so I usually try to respond to every comment I receive on this but they've gotten mucho repetitive and that's cramping my style. Soooo on comments:
* Trust me, I've seen whatever emote you're planning on using before. Probably more times then I care to count.
* Foxy isn't looking at Chica's backside. It was funny the first time someone pointed out the unfortunate eye placement but as soon as everyone and their grandmother started pointing it out it got real old real fast.
* Take your chain letters and shove them up your nose. Or just post them somewhere else. Whichever you prefer. (Btw your comment will be hidden.)
* Any pattern or oddity you see was not intentional.
* I will be especially insulted if you compare the style to Disney but in my heart I'll know it's true and I will cry.

I got tired of all the repetitive comments (especially ones about the above), so I disabled them. Idk how I ever figured popular fnaf art wouldn't be a breeding ground for spam, but here we are.
Please don't take this as a reason to note me or comment elsewhere wrt this specific piece, though I appreciate the attention I really don't need more feedback on this thing.
The owner of this deviation has disabled comments.


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January 11, 2015
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